Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Writing a Letter (Friendly and Business Letter)

Writing a Friendly letter: A friendly letter is written to someone you know and who is close to you. The letter may be written to family members, friends and parents. This letter is usually written to casually tell about yourself, to give a piece of advice or write some of your experiences, feelings or emotions. While writing a friendly letter, keep these things in mind:
Find below, Sarah’s letter to her Grandmother.

Write the date at the top right corner.
November 2, 2018

Greeting begins with a Dear and write a comma after the person’s name.
Dear Grandma,

The body includes a set of paragraph text.
       How are you? I am doing well. Mom told me that you were having a bad cold. I hope and pray that you get well soon. Maybe your delicious chicken soup might help.
       I am a part of my school band and am rehearsing to play at the school’s Christmas concert this year. I hope that you will come home for Christmas. We will have great fun and also don’t forget your yummy Christmas cake!
        I hope you get well soon!

Add a comma after the closing.

Write the person’s name writing the letter.

Writing a business letter: A business letter is a formal letter written to an organization, institution, places of authority or a company. It is written to people whom you either do not know or have a professional or formal relationship with them. This letter is usually written to request something, share a concern about something, to complain about something or to provide information.

The heading includes the sender’s address and the date.
5643 Cottonwood Dr
Lone Tree, CO 76123
November 2, 2018

The second address includes the recipient's address.
Goodwill Donations
657 Parker Avenue
Lone Tree, CO 76342

A colon follows the greeting and a subject is written below.
Dear Goodwill Donations:
                         Subject: Need used school supplies.
The body includes a set of paragraph text.
       My name is Peggy Alexander, and I am the secretary at Acres Brown Elementary School. We came to know about your company through our partners Ben and Jill Hemings.
       Our school requires some used supplies, which could be used in classrooms as helpful materials for teaching our students. We primarily need some audio-visual equipment such as a projector, computer, and whiteboards.
        We request you if you could provide our school with the above. I can provide you with transportation and can personally come to pick up the items. Please let me know if you may have any questions at my phone number (234) 165-7243.

Add a comma after the closing.
Thank You,


Signature is always put before the name.
Peggy Alexander